Outlaw Lookout

Total Miles


1,248.48 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This area is mostly flat and desolate. However, this trail will bring you scenic views of the Pecos River and put you back into the old west. This trail will take you down into a shallow valley mostly made up of sand and a little rock. It will take you to a dried-up lake unless it's monsoon season. From the lake, you will start to ascend and encounter a small obstacle of eroded rock with a rut to the left. It's a small obstacle, but I'd encourage the use of 4WD to get up it. Once past that obstacle, the trail continues up and hooks to the left to follow the edge of the cliffs. Here is where you'll feel like an outlaw looking out for the law! The trail will mostly be a smooth rock as you follow the trail along the cliffs. The trail will then go down into a small valley with a decent incline of smooth rock. After that you descend, the trail will start to get a little rough with small rock ledges and finally end at a gate to private land. The Pecos River and surrounding valley can be seen from this spot. Please do not go through any gates and be mindful of cattle that may be roaming around.

Photos of Outlaw Lookout

Outlaw Lookout
Outlaw Lookout
Outlaw Lookout


The trail has a few sandy spots and smooth rock with a couple of easy obstacles.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Toby Wedel
Apr 20, 2024
Permanently Closed
a sign says no trespassing and is closed so I'm guessing if u want to be a outlaw then u go and trespass other then that not a trail to go on

Access Description

Turn off Highway 60 and onto Billy the Kid Drive and follow it until you hit Cibolo Creek. Then continue about 11 miles and the trail will be on the right.

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