Glorieta Peak

Total Miles


2,628.44 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail ascends a mountain surrounded by the desert to the South-East of Mountainair. When approaching the peak, it will be visible long before you start the trail when approaching from the west. The first part of the trail is driving on light gravel roads before you enter the National Forest. The forest roads gradually give way to somewhat steeper terrain at the junction with Red Cloud Trail. The last portion of the trail involves multiple switchbacks and shelf roads but is never really all that hairy. At the top, there is an old fire lookout station as well as a collection of antennas. This trail is easily doable in any crossover, though caution should be taken due to its relative isolation.

Photos of Glorieta Peak

Glorieta Peak
Glorieta Peak
Glorieta Peak


While rutting is possible on the road in places, the trail is easily doable even in the light snow that falls in the winter.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Stick to the trail as outlined in OnX. Google will attempt to take you on a private pipeline road if you use it for the first part of the trail.

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