Drag A FS100

Total Miles


2,423.80 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Drag A/FSR100 begins passing a public library and a small abandoned house. The dirt road begins just over single vehicle wide and narrows with little room to pass as the trail continues on with areas of heavy erosion, rutting, and off-camber sections. The out-and-back trail does have some open views with dispersed camping being permitted within the first 1.75 miles and weak cell service. After approximately 3.5 miles into the trail, the track deteriorates and shows very little signs of use and maintenance. Rutting and erosion are substantial in a few areas and can exceed depths of 24" and will become worse after rain or snow melt. The trail is cut short with a large area of the trail being washed out and with a depth of more than 3 feet and width in excess of 12ft. The surrounding area appears to be very soft and fragile and probably best to turn around until the area can be repaired. Other areas of the trail that are eroded have either been repaired or have been bypassed and due to some of the overgrowth, the bypasses are difficult to spot but do remain close to the original track. Cell service is strong within the first 3 miles becoming very weak for the rest of the trail.


Heavy rutting and erosion are present along the trail and will become worse after rains or snowmelt. This trail does not appear to be maintained and with the soft surface, it will continue to degrade. There are some mildly off-camber sections with rutting that will be very slippery during muddy conditions. There is a short rock garden with rocks up to 10" in size, but they are packed close together making them easy to navigate.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

John wheeler
Aug 30, 2023

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