Borregoanger Cabin Cutoff

Total Miles


2585.36 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Borregoanger cabin is a foundation deep in the National Forest next to an unusual quartz and granite promontory. The trail to reach the cabin leaves from the Borrego Mesa Trail and climbs down switchbacks into one of the canyons next to the mesa. The trail is mainly pine forest, though the end breaks out into an open meadow surrounding the remaining foundation from the cabin and the rock promontory. Most of the trail is relatively easy, though there is a short section with deep ruts with one spot requiring an off-camber transition. Not recommended for crossovers and other "soft-roaders." A great side trip while exploring the Borrego mesa, this is a fun diversion off the beaten path with camping opportunities. Watch for the many old road offshoots, as these are in disrepair and are no longer allowed by the forestry service.


This trail is not difficult, however, it has multiple 12" ruts. There is one nasty spot, which involves transitioning from a 20 degree off camber in one direction to 15 degrees in the other with 18"+ ruts on either side. For an experienced off-roader, this section is simple. However, those with less experience may find this section nerve-wracking.

Technical Rating