Two Towers Loop

Total Miles


69.36 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Entering from reed road you will be taken to the trailhead, you will see wild animals from the adjacent safari park. Once you turn onto the trails you will be on soft Pine Barrens sugar sand and dirt, in the summer this is deep, and loose in the fall and spring it is firm after the rains. You will take the trails with undulating whoops that may have standing water depending on the season. The trail will lead to two separate hill climbs with steep rocky sections, there are easy routes to climb and some intermediate routes you can also skip this altogether. After the hill climbs there is a tighter more technical trail that leads to a beautiful view over a marsh. You can continue and you will be back on the entrance of the loop.


Depending on the season and there will be standing water in depressions. There are sections with steep hill climbs including rocks on the trail and often logs. The sand will be soft and deep with washes in the turns during the summer months. After rain there will be sections with standing water.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Heading down Reed road pass the Timberland Lake Campground and you will be at the entrance to the trails