Batsto Fire Tower to Quaker Bridge

Total Miles


22.34 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Typical Pine Barrens forest, though with fewer water features. The route can be run either north to south, Quaker Bridge to Batsto Fire Towner, or in reverse. The trail is uneven and depressions do collect water, though puddles here are generally less deep than other areas of Wharton State Forest. It's unlikely that pin striping will occur, but if another vehicle is met, somebody has to back up to one of the spots where passing is possible. You should refrain from pulling into the vegetation. There are some places to pull out and have a picnic. Points of interest include Atsion Mansion near the northern end, Atsion Church & Cemetery, and historic Batsto Village at the southern terminus of the trail. The fire tower is still active but is not open to the public. On the eastern side of much of the trail, the forest is recovering from some recent wildfires. The western side is the more typical dense forest. There is one small single-lane bridge to be careful crossing as there are no guardrails at about the midway point of the trail. Quaker Bridge is a single-lane, steel grate bridge that crosses the Batsto River just south of the Quaker Bridge Canoe Launch. Several trails come together on the west side of Quaker Bridge. Zoom in enough to see the route. It's easier coming north. If heading south, know that this trail is right immediately after crossing the bridge heading east.


When dry, this trail can be negotiated with 2WD, though AT or MT tires and high clearance are recommended. This trail is generally less prone to Pine Barrens "puddles" that can become mud holes, so it's rated a 2 vs a 3. Expect intermittent cell service throughout.

Technical Rating


Access Description

The southern end is just past the paved parking area for Batsto Village on NJ 542. The northern end is near US 206 and the Atsion Ranger Station of Wharton State Forest further west on Quaker Bridge Rd.