Wheeler Pass

Total Miles


2,343.25 ft


5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Starting in Cold Creek, the Wheeler Pass trail takes you up and over the Spring Mountains. The trail used to be the main way to travel from the Indian Springs area to Pahrump in the 1800s. The trail is rough and rocky, but passable in a high-clearance 4x4. Fantastic views of the desert floor await as you climb towards the summit. On the east side of the trail, don't forget to stop and visit the historic Charcoal Kilns that date back to the late 1800s. There will be snow in winter, so check the weather before heading out.

Photos of Wheeler Pass

Wheeler Pass
Wheeler Pass
Wheeler Pass


The road is rough and rocky, and has a few steep spots, but is easily passable in a stock 4x4 SUV or pickup. Winter snow can make the trail more difficult.


Of some historical significance are the charcoal kilns on the west side of the trail. Called the Tecopa charcoal ovens and located in the Wheeler wash, the kilns were built in 1875. Because of the forests in the area, wood was plentiful and was supposed to be used to make the charcoal to smelt minerals at a nearby mine.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Terry Riddle
May 10, 2024
Dirt Bike
Trail is open, there is a cool detour now
Aj Machado
Apr 14, 2024
Attempted on the Vegas side and was met with “Private Property” and “No Trespassing” signs along the sides. After a few minutes in, we were met with a woman screaming at us that we were on private property while on the paved road. We turned around to check the marquee near by that stated the road is a public access road. Seems like the locals just don’t want anyone driving through and have put up signs to make others believe it’s private property. Attempt with caution.
Bob F
Jan 13, 2024
snow, about 6 inches, broke trail to the top. with the snow adds a little difficulty, snow won't last
Craig Wojciechowski
Jan 12, 2024
Wheeler Pass Jan 13,2024… soft snow covered through most of it…. Temps in the mid 40’s… Steeper sections require good traction,, air down appropriately… used lockers twice in deeper bits. I drove a stock gladiator rubicon with a camper shell. Great day! Cheers!

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