Hot Spring Hill to Mount Lewis

Total Miles


2921.71 ft


5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This route takes you from just outside of Eureka Nevada at Hot Spring Hill to Mount Lewis. The route starts out taking you to Bartine Hot Springs, a funny little heart-shaped hot springs that in the summer and fall can be nice to soak in. It then takes you North past abandoned active open-pit gold mines. If you're lucky you can see how large these mining trucks are. While crossing the desert, watch for herds of wild horses. After this, you climb to the top of Mount Lewis at an elevation of just under 9600' from a valley floor that is at just under 5000' making for an elevation gain of around 4500'. This leads to sweeping views of the valley and the huge Shoshone Range.


Mainly gravel roads. The switchbacks to the top of Lewis Mountain are exposed and could scare a person with a fear of heights. Totally worth the drive to see the amazing sweeping views.

Technical Rating