Bye Bye Bumper

Total Miles


479.75 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This is a great off-shoot trail in the Lava Butte OHV area that will test your vehicle's ground clearance, approach and departure angles, overall tire traction, and driver technical skills. As you approach the main part of this short but technical trail, you will be greeted with vast amounts of loose dirt hills with rocky mountains in the distance up ahead as well as beautiful views of the Wetlands Park to your right. This is where the fun begins, as you will need to navigate up and over the faces of the rutted dirt hills, each one bigger than the last. Separated by washes and dips that will test your vehicle's clearance as well as approach and departure angles, which can damage your front and rear bumper if you are not paying attention to your speed. You eventually end the trail by running out of space for full-size vehicles as it tapers down to SxS 60", ATV 50", and dirt bikes only. You can use this as a turnaround point and head back.


The trail can be difficult to complete if not equipped with all-terrain tires or mud terrain tires with a good amount of grip for the very loose dirt on the faces of the hills and uneven rutted sections. High clearance is needed when driving through washes that may have big dips which the potential of bottoming out suspension and bashing into the compacted dirt with your bumpers.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Located in the Lava Butte OHV Recreational Area.