Spanish Springs Petroglyphs

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1,658.80 ft


1 Hours

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Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Griffith Canyon is an approximately 2 mile out-and-back hike north of Reno that leads to several galleries of petroglyphs. While several trails in the area lead to petroglyphs, the Griffith Canyon trail is the easiest route to see the displays of native art. The trail is unmarked but is known and moderately trafficked, so reaching the petroglyphs should be no issue for those with moderate hiking abilities. Parking is along a pullout on a hairpin curve on Pyrenees Drive in Spanish Springs. A faint footpath is visible directly across the road, descending into the canyon wash. The path is rough and sometimes features jagged rock at the creek bottom, which is dry most of the year. The first petroglyph galleries can be seen about a third of a mile down the canyon, with several examples lining the canyon on flat rock surfaces. The best petroglyphs are reached about 0.75 miles down the canyon, where drawings cover most of the surface of a 12-foot stone slab. Beyond these walls, the canyon opens up, and while it can be walked farther, there are little features of note as the creekbed continues toward the rural edge of the Spanish Springs developments. There are no amenities or signs of any kind. Hikers should be prepared for a primitive hiking route down a mostly shadeless path

Photos of Spanish Springs Petroglyphs

Spanish Springs Petroglyphs
Spanish Springs Petroglyphs
Spanish Springs Petroglyphs


The road is well-groomed and graded. To see the petroglyphs you well have to hike 200 yards down a wash.

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Status Reports

Peter Henry
Apr 17, 2024
2023 Ford Bronco
This is really more a hiking trail than off road, but I am happy it is on here and I found it. The OnX trail starts as a paved road then turns to a well graded, easy but annoyingly rocky dirt road. It would be much more comfortable to air down, but it is just too short to do so. At a hairpin turn in the road, the OnX trail turns into a hiking trail down the canyon. Most of the petroglyphs are about half a mile down the trail. The trail is easy but rocky. Today it was dry but it does follow a wash which will flood. You can continue hiking past the end of the trail shown here. The dirt access road is accessible to pretty much anything with more clearance than a Tesla.

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