Snake Creek Road

Total Miles


2,495.95 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Located at south of Great Basin National Park, Snake Creek Road is a pleasant trip up into the mountains. There are two ways to get to the road; the first is off Nevada Highway 487/21 past Baker while the second is at the intersection of Highways 487/21 and 159 in the town of Garrison. Both roads intersect with Snake Road and head up into the mountains, ultimately reaching an altitude in excess of 8100 feet. This in/out trail totals around 25 miles in length (12 miles one way) and isn't a particularly challenging road. It's graded and maintained so most any vehicle can traverse it, though there are some areas of light to medium wash boarding since it is a dirt and gravel road. This road offers several dispersed camping sites which are available on a first-come, no-fee basis. It's a great option for camping in the area, and several of the sites are near the small but picturesque Snake Creek (and some sites even have availability to vault toilets). When you reach the parking lot at the end there are several hiking trails leading further up into the mountains. In the area are several beautiful Aspen trees that turn a glorious fall gold if you time it right, with a particularly nice grove around 2.5 miles up the trail (and "up the trail" is not a joke... it's almost all uphill from the starting point!). Snake Creek Road is narrow, windy, and has several blind corners and narrows to one lane when you get closer to the end. Be cautious about oncoming traffic, and of course during periods of heavy rains or snow the road could become slippery and muddy. Even though this road will not present a 4WD challenge, it is a very pleasant side trip if you visit Great Basin NP.

Photos of Snake Creek Road

Snake Creek Road
Snake Creek Road
Snake Creek Road


This dirt road is regularly maintained and typically accessible by most any 2- or 4-wheel vehicle. During periods of heavy rains (or snow) the road could become slippery and muddy, so caution is urged in the winter or rainy season. The road narrows to one lane part way up and there are some blind corners and drop offs so caution is urged while traversing this section. Some washboarding in areas.

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Status Reports

John Heflin
May 09, 2023
Temporarily Closed
Seasonal Closure

Access Description

There are actually two ways to reach the road. The first is just past Baker, NV where you can turn off Nevada Highway 487/21 onto a dirt road that will connect with Snake Creek. The second is at the intersection of Highways 487/21 and 159 at Garrison, Nevada. This dirt road winds around a farmer's field and eventually turns into Snake Creek.

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