Mormon Canyon

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778.02 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Mormon Canyon Trail weaves its way along the Meadow Valley Range and Mormon Mountains wilderness. According to the maps, the trail supposedly goes all the way through, but I was unsuccessful in locating where exactly the trail continues north and had to turn around and go back out. So plan for this to be an out-and-back trail - roughly 4 hours to complete. That said, it's a very scenic trail that offers a ton of variety both in driving terrain and scenery. The trail parallels the train tracks where "No Trespassing" signs (walk-on tracks) are posted - please respect all signs. There are several washes and a small water crossing you'll encounter that could be hazardous in wet conditions. A few sections in the trail are narrow with vegetation - wider vehicles will be brushed. Several rocky sections and water erosion damage are also present. Summer months will reach triple-digit temperatures so bring plenty of water.

Photos of Mormon Canyon

Mormon Canyon
Mormon Canyon
Mormon Canyon


Nothing too terribly difficult about this trail, just several interesting sections that may be slower-going for some.

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Andrew A
Aug 26, 2023

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