Harris Spring Road

Total Miles


2,548.94 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail starts in a gravel wash but quickly climbs in elevation. Once you do, you are presented with scenic panoramic views of Lovell Canyon and Kyle Canyon. The trail is rough and rocky, but presents no challenging obstacles for most vehicles. However, as a driver, you will need to be comfortable navigating a narrow shelf road with very few places to turn around. When you reach the summit, you can hike on foot to the Griffith Peak summit. Along the way, you will see the devastation left behind by the Carpenter One fire in July of 2013 that burned over 28,000 acres of this area. Winter snowstorms may prevent travel due to snow.

Photos of Harris Spring Road

Harris Spring Road
Harris Spring Road
Harris Spring Road


The trail is bumpy from the rough and rocky surface, but there are no challenging obstacles.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Kyle Tilton
May 17, 2024
Brian Arteese
May 10, 2024
2022 Nissan Frontier
All good. Sleeted for the last quarter or so of the trail but none of it stuck.
Nathan Bowen
May 04, 2024
2021 Jeep Gladiator
Bil Thomas
Apr 16, 2024
Deep Snow
Started at the lower Harris Springs tailhead and finished at the upper. Trail was clear until the last mile before the trailhead where is blocked by snow. I expect in a few weeks it will be gone. Trail is not technical, but it is a fun. Just did a slow crawl on the shelf road and enjoyed the scenery. Will go back in a few weeks after the snow is gone to complete. But it was fun (unless afraid of heights) up to the last mile.

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