Delamar Ghost Town

Total Miles


2,277.75 ft


7 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

The trail to Delamar Ghost town is a relatively easy trail. The trailhead is located about an hour north of Las Vegas on US 93. The trail consists of varying terrain and requires slow speeds in areas. This trail will reward you with a breathtaking dry lake bed, a deserted ghost town with mines that can be explored and scenic vistas. Gas up in Caliente before ascending Ella Mountain and then heading back to the trailhead.

Photos of Delamar Ghost Town

Delamar Ghost Town
Delamar Ghost Town
Delamar Ghost Town


The trail consists of mountain ascents/descents on lightly rocky terrain and is narrow and winding on stretches. Flat areas are wide and allow for higher speeds.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

B Powell
Apr 03, 2024
2007 Toyota Tundra
Great intermediate trail through the desert.Lots of ranch and mining history. The trail is rugged and goes through some washes if coming from the south. True 4x4 recommended here. Anything with a bit of ground clearance can come in on the green Delamar Rd from the north by Caliente.The last bit of blue trail to the town is still easy. This is where the town actually is, not where OnX says it is. Lots of old rock structures still there.
Richard Alba
Mar 23, 2024

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