Cave Valley Dry Lake Bed Crossing

Total Miles


1912.79 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail is a mostly straight shot across the dry lakebed connecting the West Cave Valley trail to the Silver State Trail. This trail starts in the West a bit rocky and bumpy with a few smaller washout sections. It then turns to Sage brush on each side as it drops down close to the lake bet. It's a touch sandy as it crosses the lakebed and sections could be sloppy when wet after a storm. The views from the middle of the trail are very pretty and expansive with the whole valley laid out before you. No camping spots or pullouts were noticed. You can join this trail up with the Silver State Trail, it has a lot of history and points of interest including some historic cabins and dispersed places to camp.


Rocky in some parts and sandy as you cross the lakebed, may be impassable when wet.

Technical Rating