Bonneville Salt Flats to Eureka Nevada

Total Miles


2,622.28 ft



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Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This route takes you from the Bonneville Salt Flats in West Wendover to Eureka, Nevada, through the Goshute Mountains, over the Pequop Mountains, along the Ruby Lake Wildlife Refuge, along the Old Pony Express Route, and over the Diamond Mountains to just outside of Eureka, Nevada. Along the way, there are sweeping views of the Utah Test Range, the ancient Lake Bonneville, views of times gone past with multiple abandoned mines, and to top it off, views of sandhill cranes and various other birds and herds of wild mustangs. Along with other featured routes, this route will take you on a loop from West Wendover, over to the central part of Nevada, and back with gaps between gas stops no longer than 215 miles. Great moto camping adventure that will take you from mountain tops to the desert floor. Note: this route is based on the Rocky Mountain ATV Battleborn North Route.

Photos of Bonneville Salt Flats to Eureka Nevada

Bonneville Salt Flats to Eureka Nevada
Bonneville Salt Flats to Eureka Nevada
Bonneville Salt Flats to Eureka Nevada


When crossing the Goshute Mountains, there is a rocky uphill section that if you are loaded down will challenge bigger bikes. Also, there is a lot of sand on the valley floors throughout the route

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Some of the casinos will allow you to park your trailer or truck if you are shuttling from a distance if you stay the night.

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