Whisky Bay Trail

Total Miles


2,016.41 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Are you looking for day-use access to Whisky Bay? This is the main trail across Whisky Bay with loops and fingers off of it with lots of day-use spots along the bay. The trail is dirt and packed sand in places, but it has lots of deep ruts, potholes, and large mud holes that expand the width of the trail. It's a slow-going trail to navigate the mud and potholes. The loop trails and fingers lead to beautiful secluded lake views, and some days use spots go right down to the water; others remain higher up on the ridge. This trail connects to the Horse Butte trail from highway 191. I would not advise trailers to take this route, and most of the trails to the day use spots are tight, narrow, and twisty, some with low trees. Signs at different parts of the lake advise of Toxic algae. They caution not to swim in areas where you spot any or let animals drink from those areas. Snowmobile access is allowed in winter. There are two bars of LTE cellular service.

Photos of Whisky Bay Trail

Whisky Bay Trail
Whisky Bay Trail
Whisky Bay Trail


Deep potholes, mud holes, and ruts.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Matthew Sitko
Jun 05, 2024
Small ruts along the road, most filled with water so we kicked up a lot of mud and it was fun!! The dry parts were very dusty. Lots of places to pull off and get closer to the water. Beautiful views!!

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