Gold Creek Trail

Total Miles


1,594.39 ft



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Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Easy dirt trail safe for most 4WD and 2WD vehicles all the way to the Gold Creek Campground. The trail continues past the Gold Creek campground but turns into 4WD high clearance only. The trail begins through a neighborhood and is well-maintained gravel, watch for pedestrians walking their dogs. The road turns out of the neighborhood at a sign showing hiking and camping. From that point, the trail turns to dirt and runs along a stream. There are several dispersed camping sites in the trees right on the water. The trail runs up a canyon and alternates between trees on both sides and sections of rocks from avalanches. There are many large potholes to watch for along this section of road until you reach the official Gold Creek Campground. The spaces at the Gold Creek Campground are large enough to accommodate camping trailers, and each campsite has a picnic table and metal fire ring. The Campground is also located in a little open valley section of the canyon. From Gold Creek Campground to the end of the trail, expect it to get slightly rocky, rutted, and potential for shallow mud holes. The road narrows to mostly one vehicle wide, and there are some small sections of shelf road where avalanches have happened in the past. The road was clear of all major rocks and trees when we ran it. Some sections were narrower with bushes and expect some pinstriping. At the very end of the trail, it opens up to a grass area with an official dispersed campsite and the Gold Creek Hiking Trailhead. You could hear a small creek beyond the campsite. Mosquitoes were present. It could be impassable in winter due to snow and no winter maintenance.

Photos of Gold Creek Trail

Gold Creek Trail
Gold Creek Trail
Gold Creek Trail


Trail from beginning up to the Gold Creek Campground has a lot of large potholes particularly in shaded areas to watch out for. They are deep enough to damage suspension if driver is moving quickly and once catches them unaware. Trail passed the Gold Creek Campground is where this trail has earned its rating. The road narrows to mostly one vehicle wide. Trail turns rockier and gets more rutted. There are mud holes and potentially in spring could be small water crossings. Some sections trees and bushes have not been cleared from the sides of the trail so it would be more difficult for larger vehicles to get through and pin stripes can be expected.

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Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

From the town of Stevensville you will be weaving through back country farm roads.

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