Whisky Bay Day Use 2

Total Miles


2004.84 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring, Summer

Trail Overview

There are two-day use loops off the Whisky Bay trail. This day-use trail is close to the Horse Butte trail and rainbow point; it's slightly shorter than the other day-use area and runs higher above the water. These days use spots are on the ridge line above the lake with views down over it. It will be harder to get down to the water from them. This trail has one or two tight, twisty turns through trees between the day use spots are not advised for trailers and could be challenging to navigate with larger tall vehicles. Full-size trucks should have no issues. The views from the lake are stunning, and it's a nice quiet area to spend an afternoon. Signs at different parts of the lake advise of Toxic algae. They caution not to swim in areas where you spot any or let animals drink from those areas. 2+ bars LTE.


Narrow turns would be difficult for larger vehicles but overall pretty smooths and easy.

Technical Rating