Weasel Creek

Total Miles


2020.6 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring, Summer

Trail Overview

This steep out and back shelf road clings to the canyon wall as it climbs out of the canyon below. Before you begin the main ascent, there is a trailhead to the Weasel Creek hiking trail. Use caution, as this hiking trail leads directly into the burn area from the 2022 Hog Trough fire. There's a staging area below for horses and parking before starting the trail. Once past this switchback, the route is very narrow, with lots of boulders, rocks, and even an off-camber section. A wrong move here would not be good. It's a long way down the shelf. There is no real camping along the route, but there are fantastic views. Once in the end, there are some tremendous large boulders, tons of room to turn around, and even camp. There is no cell service up here.


Very narrow and rocky with off-camber sections. An incredibly steep drop-off shelf road. Very few places for oncoming to pass.

Technical Rating