Wallace Spur

Total Miles


1413.76 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail starts as a pretty wide and decent road surface. Still, it narrows significantly as it proceeds and eventually fades into two-track, finally ending up as a single track right before felled trees halt all progress. It appears no one has spent much time clearing this point as small trees are growing in the middle of the trail. The grass is quite thick on the two-track section of the trail, and in some places, the trail vanishes altogether. Be careful of large boulders hiding in the tall grass that have rolled down from above. Taking a full-size vehicle down this trail is not recommended as there becomes nowhere to turn around, and getting out would be a long reverse. If one did, maybe take the first camping spot with a rock fire ring as your turnaround point. Don't try to call anyone from up here; there isn't any cell service. Unless you have a satellite phone, then have at it.


Narrow shelf road two-track, nowhere to turn a larger vehicle round near the end. Not recommended for full-size vehicles.

Technical Rating