Pucker Pass to Whitetail Reservoir

Total Miles


2,436.09 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail has a LOT of large rocks, tight turns, erosion, loose rocks, and downed trees to navigate around, over, and through. It's 6.2 miles, and our average speed was 3.2 mph. You gain over 2400 feet in elevation with steep inclines and declines as you cross the mountains to then drop down into the valley. Very technical riding. One rig in our group had to use a winch twice to be able to get over some rocks. There is one creek to cross, but in late July there was a shallow area. Earlier in the spring, it will be a deeper crossing. There are only a couple of wide spots to meet another vehicle. There is no room to get off the trail. If you meet another vehicle, someone is going to have to back up. We strongly suggest only trying this trail if you have a low 4WD option. Take extra fuel and plenty of water and snacks. The trail is marked as a 50" trail, but our SXS is 75" wide, and we made it through. It was clear from some of the marks on trees that Jeeps have gone through this trail as well. Anything over 75" won't fit in some places. After you cross the rocky top, you drop into the valley and can go to Whitetail Reservoir, but the puddles and mud in the valley in late July were deep. An option when you are done is going south out of the valley on the Halfway Creek Trail and then taking the Delmoe Lake Trail south into Whitehall.

Photos of Pucker Pass to Whitetail Reservoir

Pucker Pass to Whitetail Reservoir
Pucker Pass to Whitetail Reservoir
Pucker Pass to Whitetail Reservoir


There is one water crossing on this trail, but in late July there was a shallow place to cross. In the valley around the Reservoir there are lots of water puddles/crossings. The rocks and downed trees make the trail challenging. The trail is narrow, but our 75" SXS made it through. Marks on some of the trees reveal that some Jeeps have gone over this trail, but anything over 75" will not fit in some areas.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Joseph Donovan
Jul 03, 2023

Access Description

From Boulder, MT, take Highway 69 towards Whitehall. Turn right onto North Whitetail Road (399). The stage at the top in the sagebrush flats, and then take Route 399 (it's dirt) down to Hay Canyon Road and turn right. From there find the Ringing Rocks Trail and follow it generally in a southerly direction to this track.

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