Nemote Creek to Stark Lookout

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2,238.70 ft


3.5 Hours

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Trail Overview

The route begins on a two-lane gravel road that eventually works its way down to one. The road can be dusty if it has been dry, but really a great ride if it rained the day before. The route begins at an altitude of 3100' and makes its way to 7300' at the tower base. There is a gate owned by the fire service that is only open from 05/02 - 09/14 in the summer months. There is a actual Fire Tower at the end of the route that is manned full time when it is open. There is only room for 3 or 4 UTVs to park at the base of the tower. Snow can still be on the ground up to July because of the high altitude where the tower is located. On a clear day, you can see for miles from the location of the tower.

Photos of Nemote Creek to Stark Lookout

Nemote Creek to Stark Lookout
Nemote Creek to Stark Lookout
Nemote Creek to Stark Lookout


This is a very well-kept route by the fire service as there is actually a Fire Tower, that needs to be manned during the summer months. The route is mostly gravel with loose rock in some areas. I wouldn't drive a larger truck to the summit, as there is no room to park or turn around larger vehicles.

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Status Reports

Logan Mchugh
Dec 31, 2023
Temporarily Closed
Seasonal Closure
Gate closed about 13 miles from I90. Waste of time to drive up if you’re expecting to get to the lookout

Access Description

Snow could be a problem if you try and make the trip to early in the season.

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