Howard Creek

Total Miles


1528.46 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This great connector trail runs from Highway 12 at Lolo Creek up to Wagon Mountain Road. The base of the trail is a parking area which is the perfect place to stage to get ready to hit the trails in the area on a dirtbike or ATV/UTV. There are quite a few advanced-looking single-track trails in the area, and this main route has the offshoots that lead to them. The staging area has a pit toilet, a few shady picnic tables, and bbq pits. Once past the parking area, the first 3/4 of the trail has a ton of deep potholes all the way until it gets to the large meadow. Then the trail becomes substantially smoother. Overall the route is very easy, with some narrow spots the further up you go. There were about 4-5 decent-looking dispersed camping spots before you pass the large meadow. Not many great ones were noticed after that. Keep an eye out for the large pools in the creek. They appear to be beaver pools and are worth a stop to check out. There is no cell coverage.


Mostly wide enough for oncoming to pass with some narrower sections with pullouts. Lots of deep potholes near the beginning.

Technical Rating