Morrell- Clearwater Lake

Total Miles


1526.54 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Morrell - Clearwater LakeThis stunning drive is the only access route to Clearwater Lake. The "loop" trail to the north is gated and locked, with motor vehicle use restricted. You could walk it if you desired, though. This motorized route twists and turns through the trees and offers exceptional views the entire way. There are beautiful creeks as it crosses the Clearwater "river". It's more of a stream, but gorgeous nonetheless. In springtime, the wildflowers are plentiful and vibrant. The trail itself is in pretty good shape. Some sections of the route have potholes, some narrower sections with pullouts, and wider portions where two vehicles could easily pass each other. With a short hike at the trail's end, one can enjoy the serene and beautiful Clearwater Lake. There's no cell service back here, so plan accordingly and download those offline maps before you go.


There are large potholes: some muddy sections and narrow sections where pullouts are needed. There is no Winter maintenance, and the gates may be closed and locked for the winter.

Technical Rating