Mink Creek to Highway 43

Total Miles


2,442.38 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Mink Creek to Highway 43 is a Forest Service road that takes you from East Fork Road and ends at Highway 43, just a couple of miles west of the Big Hole Battle Field. This road is well-maintained and very easy to drive or ride. The surface of the road consists mostly of packed dirt/gravel and has a few sections that are more sandy and loose. This road is an excellent SxS, four-wheeler, 4x4, or dirt bike road. Make sure to have enough fuel to either make a loop to Lost Trail Pass and back to East Fork Road or to ride this road back the way you came. There are a few trail intersections that can get confusing, so consulting the map is helpful. There is a bridge crossing a creek about 20 miles into the ride. That creek is filled with little fish--take a fishing pole for a nice mid-way break. There are lots of animals seen along this road including deer, moose, frogs, snakes, and fish. This road seems to be lightly traveled.

Photos of Mink Creek to Highway 43

Mink Creek to Highway 43
Mink Creek to Highway 43
Mink Creek to Highway 43


This is a gentle grade Forest Service road with small rocks but no obstructions. It is 2 vehicles wide almost the entire time with plenty of pull-outs.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

There isn't really any great place to park at the beginning of the trail. Finding parking nearby and riding to the trail may be a good option.

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