Finmore Cutover

Total Miles


1806.42 ft


0.33 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail is an excellent choice to pop over from the Valley and Morrell Clearwater side and climb to Rice Ridge. It's a short steep climb with a few switchbacks. Be sure to look across the valley and soak in the outstanding view of Morrell Falls as you head up. It's most spectacular in the springtime during the snow melt. The trail is narrow, without a lot of pullouts for oncoming traffic. Some springs pool in the route, making it muddy in a few parts but nothing too major. No real camping options exist, and cell service is nonexistent through Verizon. However, there are fantastic springtime flowers and tons of chipmunks darting back and forth across the trail. The views of the valley below from the top of this trail are breathtaking.


This is a narrow route with few pullouts. There are some muddy sections from springs in the middle of the trail. There is no winter maintenance

Technical Rating