Flatiron Ridge

Total Miles


1,327.99 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This 12-mile RT trail zigzags up Flatiron Ridge in the Lolo National Forest to an elevation of 4362 feet. There is room to let another vehicle pass on some of the corners. All private property crossings are allowed if you stay on the trail. The trails up the mountains are steep and twisting turns. Beware of logging trucks in this area. The scenery is spectacular, the forest is healthy and well-maintained, and the wildlife includes wild turkeys, deer, elk, moose, and black and grizzly bears. You may encounter some downed timber in some places, so carrying a saw, a snatch block, as well as a tow rope, and other recovery equipment, is a good idea. Take extra fuel, lots of water, and snacks. And we don't ever ride without at least one firearm.


This trail may be muddy in the early spring, you may encounter snow, and it will be muddy after a heavy rain. Otherwise, it's an easy trail with beautiful scenery.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Noah McElheran
Aug 30, 2023

Access Description

Go northwest out of Thompson Falls, which is Highway 200. Follow 200 to Prospect Creek Road and turn left. Follow Prospect Creek Road to Clear Creek Trail and turn right. Flatiron Ridge exits to the right off of Clear Creek Trail.

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