East Fork Reservoir

Total Miles


2084.09 ft


1.25 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This is a scenic route from Georgetown Lake to the East Fork Reservoir. The route starts on Old Lake Road along the west side of Georgetown Lake. After turning on Georgetown Lake Road you will travel through thick sections of lodgepole pines and also wide meadows. The road surface is gravel and very wide for a forest service road. When you get close to the East Fork Reservoir there are two established forest service campgrounds at the north end of the reservoir. The road continues along the east side of the reservoir and there are several large dispersed campsites along the water. At the end of the road, three more dispersed campsites exist as well as a few other smaller spots alongside branching roads.


The road surface is gravel and very wide all the way to the reservoir. Most vehicles should be able to travel this route in good weather. Snow could be an issue in the spring.

Technical Rating


Access Description

This route could be approached from either side of Georgetown Lake.