Cow Creek Road and Shiefman Hiking Trail

Total Miles


1752.46 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Generally, this is an easy dirt road that consists of multiple switchbacks and some decent elevation climbs. It begins in a neighborhood where it is asked to please drive slowly, and after, it turns into a dirt forest road. It should be pretty easy for an adventurous city car to make it, at least all the way to the Sheafman hiking trailhead, which is most of the way up. There are some narrow shelf roads to take into consideration. Beautiful views the entire drive up onto the Bitterroot Valley and looking at the Sapphire Mountain Range. There are more trees and shade towards the top of the trail. There is a nice lookout spot from some rocks with a beautiful view halfway up. This spot is also marked as a picnic site, but I did not see a table. After the Sheafman hiking trailhead, with multiple parking spots, the road narrows and turns into a bumpy dirt road, the last 2 to 3 switchbacks. I would not recommend for a 2WD, but the adventurous could probably make it. Subarus and all-wheel drive vehicles would have no issues getting to the top. At the end is a small turnaround spot, which did appear to have remnants of an old campfire but no official ring. There are no signs that say no camping. It would not bring a large group run up here, as it would be difficult to turn around. I recommend not bringing more than 2 or 3 vehicles to the very top.


Mostly easy but narrow switchback at the top and loos gravel with narrow shelfs and narrow pullouts for oncoming traffic.

Technical Rating