Boulder Alley Spur

Total Miles


1654.38 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall



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Trail Overview

This track exits the Bigfoot Creek to Hay Creek Trail, goes west for just over a mile, connects with Boulder Alley Trail, and gets into an area of large boulders and pine trees. If you're on a quad or a dirt bike, you will be able to go through boulder alley further than we could in our SXS. The scenery is spectacular, the forest is healthy and fairly well maintained in this area, the boulders are fun to climb on and around and explore, and the wildlife includes deer, elk, and bears. All private property crossings are allowed if you stay on the trail.


The only obstacle on this trail would be in the early springtime when it might be snowy or muddy or after a heavy rain. Otherwise, it's an easy trail.


The Deerlodge National Forest in this area covers just under 314,000 acres.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From Boulder, MT, take Highway 69 south towards Whitehall. Turn right on North Whitetail Road. You can stage in some of the wide turnout areas on the road, or at the top in the sagebrush flats. From North Whitetail Road (399), follow the trail map. North Whitetail Road is a featured trail on onX called Big Foot Creek to Hay Creek.