Birdseye-Mullan Road

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1,801.53 ft



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Fall, Summer, Spring

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This exciting trail generally follows the railroad route over the Continental Divide. Fans of train watching have six railroad crossings, a trestle bridge and multiple miles of track in view from the trail. Keep an eye out for one of the many freight or coal trains that pass along this route daily. This is one of the few locations in Montana where trains can be viewed in an alpine setting. Road conditions are generally good, with a few spots that might be muddy in the early spring or after a heavy rain. Most high clearance vehicles will be able to enjoy this trail with no problems.

Photos of Birdseye-Mullan Road

Birdseye-Mullan Road
Birdseye-Mullan Road
Birdseye-Mullan Road


The road conditions between the base of MacDonald Pass up to Mullan Tunnel is excellent. This portion is well maintained by the railroad. On the north side of the Continental Divide, the road conditions become a little tougher, but could still be easily navigated by any high clearance vehicle. Deep snow lingers on the northern slopes well into May on an average snowfall year.

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Robbie Goebel
May 06, 2023
Deep Snow

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