Bigfoot Creek to Hay Creek

Total Miles


1780.54 ft


3 Hours

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Trail Overview

Running just east of Montana's State Route 399 / Whitetail Road, you'll find this trail meandering through the eastern slopes of Deer Lodge National Forest. Outstanding views, a few obstacles and trails just wide enough to squeeze a full-size truck through. About 4.75 miles in, as you head south from Boulder MT there is a small section that has been washed away and requires a bit of finesse to navigate without further damage to the road surface. Some have placed tree limbs in the mud, but traction boards or a winch are recommended. It's not completely necessary, but it will prevent erosion or wheel spin. Remember to tread lightly.


About 30% of the trail is tight for larger vehicles, there are some smaller boulders here and there, there is some snowmelt erosion on most of the road, and there is the one washed out spot traction boards or a winch are recommended to prevent damage to the soft road surface.

Technical Rating