Anaconda Microwave Overlook

Total Miles


2193.29 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Getting there: From downtown Anaconda follow Hwy 1 toward Butte for 2.6 miles following the signage toward Lost Creek State Park. Turn left onto Hwy 48 N toward Warm Springs but don't floor it as you'll take the next left turn in .3 mile onto Hw73 N. Continue for 1.8 miles before turning left onto Lost Creek Rd and go another 3.9 miles before turning off the paved road and onto Maclund Drive. On the trail: One will continue past a few residential homes and generally stay left to avoid their driveways and stay on the route. After passing through an H1 wide wallow you will go through a brief narrower canyon that opens up into a wide park. There are two trails exiting the park to the north. Take the one to your left as you look uphill as the one on the right has deep ruts from runoff even visible in the satellite basemap option. Start climbing! There are some punchier stretches like the very first bit but the trail levels off in places as well. Expect a single-vehicle-wide trail most of the way to the summit. In the springtime keep an eye out for alpine wildflowers especially once you make it up to the first summit before the saddle before the final summit. Loose scree, some tricky transition zones, and gorgeous views await you on this trail. The summit can be quite windy so your time there may be brief. Enjoy the trip back down!


Loose scree, some tricky transition zones and steep ascents and descents are a few of the technical challenges that will greet you along this trail.

Technical Rating


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