Pine Union Hill FSR 2137

Total Miles


269.28 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

The Pine Union Hill FSR 2137 is the first portion of the Pine Union in Mark Twain National Forest before it spilts to the 2137A and the Hilltop portion of the 2137. It begins at the Bo-Co Road 872 in the bottoms of the Grounds Creek, leading you past the Sycamore Valley Artisan Well where the Pine Union trail begins, it quickly climbs a mostly dirt trail with natural rock inter laced throughout. The hill includes ruts roughly 18" deep and off camber mounds of dirt. This trails difficulty is amplified by heavy rains and wet conditions.


The hill is a climb and takes some wise choices from the driver, the ruts are deep and the off camber spots make the suspension work to keep your tires traction. The hill can become extremely muddy and wet amplifying the difficulty.

Technical Rating


Access Description

FIRST Get to Bollinger County Road 872. (Coming from East) From the intersection of MO-72 and MO-O travel 4.2 miles south on MO-O, the entrance should be on your right at 37.46999, -90.11582. (Coming from West) From the intersection of MO-72 and Bollinger County 247, head south on Bo-Co 247 for 2.7 miles to the northern entrance at 37.48802, -90.14396. (Coming from South) From Marquand, MO, head east on MO-A for 4.4 miles, turn left on to MO-O, drive .9 mile north, the southern entrance will be on the left at 37.46999, -90.11582. LASTLY Follow Bollinger County Road 872 until you get to 37.48048, -90.14123, Head west past the Sycamore Valley Artisan Well and you are on the 2137.