Knob Lick Tower Road

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401.16 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter

Trail Overview

Knob Lick Tower Road leads to a Missouri Department of Conservation area that holds the publicly accessible Knob Lick Tower overlooking the St Francois Mountains. The road's primary surface is gravel, and despite being well-packed, and maintained, it features mounding, washboarding, and mild ruts. The grade is steep leading you up 290 feet in just over a half mile. This is definitely a scenic road, that goes well being accompanied by more offroading trails in the area. Be cautious of the road in heavy rain and snow, the ditches on the sides are deep, and the road is rather rough due to washboarding.

Photos of Knob Lick Tower Road

Knob Lick Tower Road
Knob Lick Tower Road
Knob Lick Tower Road


I selected a 2 because the hill climb is steep and the washboarding takes any momentum you have going up it away in the main turn that lead to the main climb up the grade, this is where you cross a few ruts too, just enough unmaintained feel to plague a 2WD or FWD with problems, and with enough time and wear could present a fun thrill on getting to the top for the offroad crowd.


The Tower was originally built in 1938 and served its fire surveillance purpose into the 1970s. Later after the Tower's retirement, the 80-acre plot was bought from the forestry service, by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

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Status Reports

Steve Cornish
May 04, 2024
Chris Menz
Feb 07, 2023
1999 Jeep Cherokee

Access Description

From the intersection of US-67 and Canterberry Road (at 37.66741, -90.37146) head west on Canterberry Road, in 170 feet turn right onto Knob Lick Tower Road, follow this for .5 mile and you will meet the gravel road leading to the top.

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