Old Plantation Access Road

Total Miles


171.62 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Old Plantation Access Road, also named Cape Girardeau County Road 485, is a gravel road in Millersville, Missouri that also doubles as a Missouri Department of Conservation land access road. The road features beautiful rolling hills, and farmland scenery in the bottoms, with two low-water bridges that have water crossing potential when rain is in the area. It's a good smooth drive that could have mild mounding and washboarding at its worst but seems to be very well maintained. There are two gravel parking lots along the gravel road to park for the specific use of the Conservation Land. One is small and the other is large. Summarized, a beautiful gravel road with good views, places to gather and plan an offroading outing, and a great break-in road for a day of offroading when headed west on Missouri-72.

Photos of Old Plantation Access Road

Old Plantation Access Road
Old Plantation Access Road
Old Plantation Access Road


Due to water crossing potentials, the trail is bumped up to two, otherwise, everything else on the trail is a solid one. Though, the edge of the road does get soft in places, be cautious of this.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

From the main intersection at Jackson, Missouri, 37.37691, -89.66729, head west on Missouri-72/34, in 3.5 miles head straight through the "Starlight" intersection to continue west on Missouri-72 for an additional 8.5 miles. The Old Plantation Access Road should be on your right at 37.45141, -89.85109, shortly before the turn onto the gravel road, there should be a brown Old Plantation Access Conservation Area road sign.

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