Bo-Co Road 200

Total Miles


252.93 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter

Trail Overview

The Bollinger County Road 200 is a county backroad through northern Bollinger County. The road connects a few of the bigger funner county roads in the area. The main features of the road are mild-graded hills interlaced with low-water bridges in the valleys. In typical Bollinger County fashion maintenance is low which is what makes this area fun. The gravel is loose and rutted, in spots bare down to dirt and mud, there is mounding, potholes, and washboarding throughout. When wet conditions are in the area the low-water bridges will have more water than typical and the road channels water towards the creeks in the valleys, so expect water collection in spots.


Expect water at the low-water bridges, rutting and washes are amplified by any rain that has come across the area. Though they are not incredibly steep, momentum will be beneficial when riding up the hills. Be cautious of the loose gravel near the ruts and edges of the road, they can turn you sideways or suck you in if not paying attention.


On the northern end of the Bollinger County 200, there is an old church and cemetery called the Crossroads United Methodist, the head stones show dates going back to the 1800s, not positive on the age of the structure, but it appears to be of early 1900's design.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From Missouri Route 72, the southern entrance is at 37.51973, -90.00843, which is .4 miles from the intersection with Missouri Route 51 at Patton, MO. The northern entrance is off Missouri Route KK at 37.59469, -89.96567, this is 1.4 miles south of Missouri route 51, or 3.7 miles from Lixville at Missouri Route K.When on the route, note that there are many county roads that connect to the 200, at 37.55447, -89.98480 especially, it may be a bit confusing to stay on the 200, but this is what onX is handy for.