Huzzah Creek Train Tunnel

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326.46 ft


1 Hours

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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

As you travel along, you weave in and out of the Mark Twain Forest. You'll start near one of the areas for camping and floating outfitters (Eagle Hurst Ranch), popular during the summer. The Huzzah is a great natural waterway for canoeing. This route will take you deep into the forest and to Davisville, near the popular Red Bluff Campground. As you travel through the area, you will travel along an old abandoned railroad that leads through Steelville to Viburnum and beyond. During the lead boom, Viburnum, Missouri, served as Doe Run Minerals' (Formally St. Joe Minerals) main mining hub in the area. While the Viburnum mine shaft is closed, there are many of the satellite mines still producing lead-rich ore today. The railroad system is no longer used to transport lead so the tracks are now inactive, as the ore is transported by semi-trucks. The railroad infrastructure is still intact and makes for some fun photo opportunities while you enjoy your day. You'll go around the curve to find the Train "Tunnel." It isn't a true or very long tunnel; it's a galvanized pipe covered in dirt that the trains would pass over, but it makes a pretty picture opportunity. While you are here, remember this is private property and the farmers and landowners use this tunnel to get to and from, so don't block the road and give way to local traffic. The stonework at the Woodlock Cemetery is a marvel to think about when you consider it was built mostly by hand. It's a shame it's not kept up and is mostly overgrown; it's worth a stop to view the stonework left behind. As you finish the trail, make a left onto the pavement and go up the hill to the entrance of Red Bluff Campground--you may just find a hidden gem that becomes your new favorite campground. During the winter months, this road doesn't see a snow plow. The 7-degree grade climbing out of the trail tunnel area can prove challenging for even a 4X4 vehicle.

Photos of Huzzah Creek Train Tunnel

Huzzah Creek Train Tunnel
Huzzah Creek Train Tunnel
Huzzah Creek Train Tunnel


This road doesn't see a snow plow unless graded by local residents. The grade climbing out of the trail tunnel area can be snow-covered, and the 7-degree grade makes it a challenge for a 4x4 with no lockers. SXSs and ATVs will need a Crawford County Permit, while dirt bikes should be street-legal and licensed.

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Access Description

Travel by pavement from Potosi or Steelville on Highway 8 to Eagle Hurst Road. This will be the entrance; be mindful of the families at the start of the road (paved), keep your speed down, and watch for animals and children.

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