Vickers Ridge Road - FS 336

Total Miles


172.98 ft


0.25 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Vickers Ridge Road FS 336 is a gravel forestry road through the center-west area of the Kentucky section, Kentucky Lake side, of the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. Vickers Ridge is relatively short and mild. If looking for a quick warm-up trail to hit after crossing US-68 into the center LBL area, this is a great place to start, especially after or alongside a trip to the Bison Range. The road generally is an easy gravel road cutting through the ridge top treelines, except on the small mild hill climbs where the gravel transitions to coarse natural gravel and small cobbles interlaced with small erosion ruts. While in the valleys of the rolling hills, expect minimal hard-bottomed water collection spots and gravel fading to dirt soft spots formed on the road surface. Overall, it's a great intro trail for a day exploring at LBL.

Photos of Vickers Ridge Road - FS 336

Vickers Ridge Road - FS 336
Vickers Ridge Road - FS 336
Vickers Ridge Road - FS 336


Vickers Ridge is simple, just enough to get your rockers dirty and wet. For experienced drivers, you probably don't need 4WD with proper line choices, but if you like taking the fun lines, 4WD guarantees passage the first time. The road is given a low demanding 2/10 base rating for its 6- to 12-inch deep erosion ruts on the mild steep hills where loose coarse gravel and small 4- to 6-inch exposed cobble rocks are sparsely scattered. At the water collection spots, it is safe to expect less than 12-inch depth and hard bottoms, but if in doubt, walk and probe out the water spots. All this said difficulty can increase due to heavy use, inclement weather, and wet seasons. If the road was to be mended by being graded and resurfaced with fresh gravel, it would be back to a 1/10 standard.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Wyatt Stokes
Mar 29, 2024
2002 Toyota 4Runner

Access Description

Navigate to the Woodland Trace National Scenic Byway, which is the main thoroughfare north to south within Land Between the Lakes. Head to 36.79788, -88.06765, turn west to get on the Scout Trail Road FS 141, and follow this for 0.9 miles. The south entrance to the Vickers Ridge FS 336 will be on the right at 36.80228, -88.08027. The northern end point is at 36.81948, -88.07706 where it meets the Higgins Bay Road FS 142, 0.25 miles west from the Woodland Trace at 36.81706, -88.07356.

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