Rock Lick / Pipeline Exit

Total Miles


428.21 ft


2.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This is a very scenic trail that runs along and through Rock Lick Creek. There are multiple creek crossings, as well a few deep and off-camber mud holes. Most of the deep mud holes have a bypass. The creek has a bluish green tint and flows year round. Rumor has it that there is good smallmouth fishing in this section of the creek. This trail has many exits. This one will take you up and out the pipeline.

Photos of Rock Lick / Pipeline Exit

Rock Lick / Pipeline Exit
Rock Lick / Pipeline Exit
Rock Lick / Pipeline Exit


There are mud holes, creek crossings and some stair-step rocks to climb on this trail.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Tom Mccormick
Mar 03, 2024
2021 Jeep Gladiator
We ran the trail from west to east. Trail started out amazing. Nice sunny warm day with awesome water crossings and great scenery. Then it all went south. My advise is don't run this unless it has been dry without rain for a while. Two of us were in Gladiators running 37's with 4.5" lift. The third rig was a JKU on 33's. We all had several issues. The mud holes are deep. Really deep. People have thrown logs in them where they have gotten stuck that you cannot see. I de-beaded a tire due to this. There are several creek crossings. Both Gladiators have snorkels so we were doing fine. Very solid bottom to the creek. However there are channels that can bite you suddenly. I found my hood under water a few times. For reference my hood to the ground is 53". Unfortunately the JKU with us did not fair so well and had to be winched out of the creek. What is listed as a 2 hour trail took us over 12 hours. As a comparison we have ran Happy Top and Pistol Creek in down pours and have never had issues.
Kevin Ashley
May 04, 2023

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