Armadillo Hill FSR 127A

Total Miles


136.37 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

The Armadillo Hill FSR 127A is a dirt forestry road in Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area. The road leads down one medium grade featuring off-camber hard rutting, interlaced with mud, and water collection spots, along the flat section on top of the hill there are several water collection spots that are deep and well rutted. The road is completely dirt and has a very natural molded feel. This road connects FSR 127 and FSR 127B.

Photos of Armadillo Hill FSR 127A

Armadillo Hill FSR 127A
Armadillo Hill FSR 127A
Armadillo Hill FSR 127A


The large ruts will test your flex and 4WD's teamwork. It's got off camber ruts with mud on an uphill grade. It's not for a first time beginner.


On the hilltop straight behind the uphill west entrance to the FSR 127A, there is an old cemetery called the Hildreth Cemetery.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Arielle Best
Jan 26, 2024
This keeps the 4/10 because I had to get out and check lines and got properly stuck in the mud and had to bust out the traction boards. Very little risk of damage if you know what you’re doing. Bring traction boards.

Access Description

From the intersection of FSR 117, FSR 124, and FSR 123, head north on FSR 117 for .9 miles, turn left onto FRS 127, follow this for .6 miles and the trail entrance will veer to the right at, 37.02898, -88.10033. A forestry sign is present on the right at the entrance saying 127, follow this for .9 miles, then turn left onto the FSR 127B, at 37.04015, -88.10726, continue on FSR 127B this for .6 miles to the trail entrance on the left, at 37.03348, -88.11223. There is also an entrance straight off the FSR 127, at 37.03422, -88.10409.

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