Delta Road/Moad Hollow Road

Total Miles


205.26 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter

Trail Overview

Delta Road and Moad Hollow Road are the precursors to the Opossum Trot Trail System within Shawnee National Forest. This gravel road features an easy cruise leading you through the Illinois countryside showing off its lowland valley beauty. You'll eventually be going into the rolling hills of Shawnee, passing an old stone mine on the right while leading straight to the beginning of the Opossum Trot. The gravel road features moderate washboarding and mounding, seeing only occasional maintenance. It also features two concrete bridges and one low-water bridge along the way.

Photos of Delta Road/Moad Hollow Road

Delta Road/Moad Hollow Road
Delta Road/Moad Hollow Road
Delta Road/Moad Hollow Road


The road features only occasional maintenance and is common to have moderate wash boarding and mounding, there is also a fair amount of potholes and small water collection spots.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Chris Menz
Jun 15, 2023
1999 Jeep Cherokee

Access Description

From the intersection of IL State Highway 3 and Grapevine Trail, head east on Grapevine Trail for 7.1 miles, turn left onto Delta Road, and continue north for .8 miles and you will meet the gravel section of Delta Road, at 37.29385, -89.33906.

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