Bork Falls Road

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251.81 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Bork Falls Road, also known partly as Regent Lane and Cedar Grove Road and featuring the Goreville Waterfall, is a gravel road through Johnson County, Illinois. It provides access to the western section of Ferne Clyffe State Park and Bork Falls. The road is generally well-maintained, featuring only a few mild natural obstacles, including the natural rock at Bork Falls and the creek crossings at Buck Branch. The road's main purpose is to provide access to the western section of hiking and sightseeing within Ferne Clyffe State Park, including the waterfall and undercut bluff. You'll find a hiking trail down to the bottoms of said waterfall and the surrounding waterside area of Buck Branch Creek, full of natural creek rock and water pools surrounded by peaceful tree lines. This makes for a great outing if looking to get some easy offroad action paired with some hiking and natural scenery.

Photos of Bork Falls Road

Bork Falls Road
Bork Falls Road
Bork Falls Road


The Bork Falls Road is mostly a 1/10 road, featuring a well-maintained gravel road base and the common complications of potholes, mounding, and washboarding. It also has two small creek crossings that feature shallow water; on summer days, it is potentially dry, but in springtime and wet conditions, it can be upwards of 6 inches deep, and very rarely 12 inches deep in flooding conditions. The Bork Falls location features smoothed unlevel natural rock at its crossing point. This features little variations of the rock amounting easily to 4- to 6-inches in size, with optional lines of greater variation closer to the bluff/falls. These two crossings and variations of the natural rock push the road to the given 2/10 rating. Outside of this, there are a few mild hills to climb, but these feature consistent gravel with only mild signs of erosion. Difficulty can increase in extremely wet conditions and flooding scenarios.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Kyger Guyton
May 27, 2024
1995 Ford Ranger
Downed Tree
Both downed trees are after the water crossings
Joel Barter
May 12, 2024
Trail is clear today. But a bit dusty
Chris Menz
May 09, 2024
1999 Jeep Cherokee
Impassable Water Crossing
Water fall is very active with all the rain in the area as of late, very risky crossing this water.
Dustin Jarrett
Feb 17, 2024
2011 Jeep Wrangler
Well maintained gravel road with two small water crossings. Road crosses over the top of Bork Falls. Short hike to see the bottom or Bork Falls. Beautiful area.

Access Description

From I-57 at the Goreville exit overpass starting from 37.55589, -89.03280, head east on the Goreville Road for 0.7 miles to Regent Lane at 37.55644, -89.02032. Turn south to get onto Bork Falls Road. From I-57 at the Lick Creek exit overpass starting from 37.52305, -89.07969, head east on Lick Creek Road for 3 miles to 37.50799, -89.03358, merge left onto Cedar Grove Road, follow this for 1.9 miles, and the road transitions to gravel. This is now the Bork Falls Road. From Goreville, Illinois, at 37.55561, -88.97225, head west on West Main or Goreville Road for 2.7 miles to Regent Lane at 37.55644, -89.02032, then turn south to get onto the Bork Falls Road.

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