Burner Hill FSR 620

Total Miles


172.98 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Burner Hill FSR 620 is an old gravel forestry road in the southern area of the Mississippi Bluffs sector of Shawnee National Forest. The road seems near-forgotten, and shows little signs of use or maintenance. Fallen trees add to the fun and challenge of weaving your way to the top of the road. The road seems to once connected all the way to Opossum Trot but has since been cut off and restricted. The majority of the road has faded into dirt, but still shows signs of once being gravel, and has natural course rock in spots. There is also a few ruts along the way where natural water erosion adds a speed bump to the road, but nothing too extreme, this all flows downhill from the south ridge tops to the valley to the north. There is a decent turnaround at the top, featuring a camp-able cut out.


The difficulty of the Burner Hill FSR 620, is currently in the height clearances and dodging trees, high probability of pinstriping. The road has a mild grade to the top and at moments could feel steep, but over it is a lite climb. Along the way, there is a few small water-eroded ruts on the journey to the top, but these are at most a foot deep, and with a small amount of momentum shouldn't have enough softness to hang up any high clearance 4WD. This all said it is given a base difficulty of 2/10, but with heavy rain or snow, could be pushed up to a 3/10.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

From Illinois Route 127, at 37.27658, -89.25465, head west on County Highway 5, for .7 mile, turn right, at 37.27455, -89.26792, go .4 mile north on Old Elco Road, then turn left at 37.27939, -89.26927 onto Jims Branch Road, go .6 miles and the trail will be on the right at 37.27936, -89.28003, you are now on the trail.

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