Dugway Trail

Total Miles


1585.46 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

If you're looking to hop off the highway for a pretty view and find some river access, this trail has. The old iron bridge to drive across is a fun start or end to the trail. It is a one-lane bridge, though, so vehicles have to take turns to cross. The entire length of this trail follows along the river. Most of it is just above the river, with beautiful views. There are a couple of private properties, and just beyond those, the river becomes free and wild again, and after a few twists next to impressive rock formations, there are some pull-outs and areas to park and play in the river even fish. There is also a lovely grassy dispersed campsite with access to the water. This is quite the gem. The highway is just across the river, so there is some traffic noise. There is no cell service out here; plan accordingly.


Decently maintained, some washboard and potholes and pullouts to pass oncoming traffic.

Technical Rating