Withlacoochee Grades

Total Miles


31.13 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Standard service road style trail with the majority of the trail flanked by tall trees, ponds, and additional off-road excursions trails. There are several areas just off the trail great for camping or staging, and the western entry point begins with a large clearing where people bring their RVs and towable campers. The road can get a bit choppy and, after a good rain, fairly muddy. Take all road hazards seriously (mud, ruts, debris, etc.).


This route is not very technical. However, there are spots where the ruts and mud can be quite challenging if there is a bad rainstorm beforehand. The surrounding trails off of this track immediately warrant a minimum 4 rating.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Use the mapped entry points. While the map may show other areas to enter this section of land, those roads are not typically as predictable and are often blocked by hazards.