Star Trail

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3,605.87 ft


2 Hours

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Trail Overview

Star Trail is a well-known trail between Taylor Park and Crested Butte, Colorado that has the reputation of being an endless rock garden. It's extremely rocky with large embedded boulders for the entire 9 miles. There are a couple of rocky creek crossings, and it's full of rutted-out rock gardens with roots that require careful tire placement and precise navigation. Some of these sections have braided lines, but it's best to stick to riding on top of the biggest rocks and staying out of the holes and ruts. This trail is not for the faint of heart. There is only one bailout throughout the 9 miles, which is the Star-Lily Connector, which leads to the Lily Pond trail, which is only slightly less rocky. This is one of the hardest trails in all of Taylor Park. There's lots of elevation gain and loss throughout the trail. There is a series of switchbacks near the north end that are very difficult to go up if riding north to south. It is slightly easier to ride south to north.

Photos of Star Trail

Star Trail
Star Trail
Star Trail


This is a very challenging trail full of rock gardens and big boulders for the entire trail. The difficulty is a 9 if going north to south, and an 8 if going south to north.

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Access Description

This trail can be accessed from either Crested Butte, CO, or Taylor Park, CO. From Crested Butte, stage off of Cement Creek Road and take Italian Creek Road to the northwest trailhead. From Taylor Park, take Taylor River Road north to Rocky Brook Road, which will access the southeast trailhead.

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