Sevenmile Creek

A fun weekend adventure for all.

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Trail Overview

Start off through a valley, meandering along a beautiful rocky creek. Then climb out and head across some majestic forest land. The second portion offers a lot of different side roads to take, with a great deal camping for large RVs or motorhomes. Open June 14 to April 15.


Moderate. Rocky, muddy and washed out in places, very slow-going climb. Aggressive, high-clearance SUVs can do it with patience and careful tire placement.


Mines along the trail once supported the town of Manhattan, located east of the trail along F.S. 162 (see map for location). The town developed in the late 1880s bringing gold seekers with high hopes of striking it rich. Unfortunately, no big strikes were made and by 1915 the town was abandoned. It was finally burned down by the Forest Service in the 1950s and nothing remains today.

Access Description

From Fort Collins, take Highway 14 west about 31 miles from Hwy. 287. Turn right on well-marked C.R. 69 just before Rustic. Go uphill 0.4 miles to trail on left. If you drive Kelly Flats first, turn left from west end of trail and head downhill on C.R. 69 about 2 miles. Watch for F.S. 225 on right.

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