Scenic Cumberland Pass

Total Miles


3667.97 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Take this scenic trail parallel to Cumberland pass. These old mining roads take you to some historical sights, and an incredible 360-degree view at the peak of Napoleon Mountain. Feel free to explore more of the mining roads you find, but be sure to stay on the roads and off public property. These are old mining roads, so there are a few steep, rocky and narrow climbs.


4WD is not usually needed, but these are narrow, steep, rocky mining roads. Some may be covered in snow through July.


Cumberland Pass had a pack trail originally, where burros hauled supplies in, and ore out, of the Tincup mining district. In 1882, the trail was widened to a wagon road over the 12,000-foot pass. This allowed direct access from the Tincup area to the Denver, South Park, and Pacific railroad that came over the Alpine Tunnel to Pitkin. There were mines on both sides of the pass, which used Cumberland Pass, to transport ore and bring in supplies. Past the first switchback on the Pitkin side was the Bon Ton Mine. The first automobile crossed Cumberland Pass in 1905, but it had to be pulled by a team of horses part way. In 1935, the Civilian Conservation Corps improved the road. In the 1950s it was upgraded again.

Technical Rating